New Manifest Domain

As you may have noticed, we have changed our website domain from to No big reason for doing this, we just got a little bored of people calling us ‘This Is Manifest’ when we thought it was pretty obvious what we meant 🤣. We also felt that the .team TLD was the most[…]

Teleconferences V face-to-face

Resist the Simplicity and Convenience of the Conference Call

Whilst reading The Globotics Upheaval by Richard Baldwin I was reminded of just how important it is for agency new business people and heads to resist the simplicity and convenience of the conference call. In chapter 9, Globotics Resolution: A More Human, More Local Future, he explores the jobs that neither telecommuters nor AI will[…]

Agency/Client Relationship

The Agency Client Relationship

The agency client relationship typically lasts about eighteen months, that’s from initial romancing through to the inevitable breakup. The stages and approximate lengths of time are shown on the graphic wheel below. From an agency new business persons perspective it is essential to understand these phases and the opportunities (or lack of them) that they[…]

No Bullshit

Manifest is Very Different

According to someone I met the other day, Manifest is very different from most other new business agencies. “Why’s that?” I asked them, “after all, all we do is arrange really good quality new business meetings with the people you want to work with.” “EXACTLY!” She replied. “You don’t ‘undertake an agency brand positioning and proposition[…]