Your Proposition (yawn …)

Your proposition (yawn …) may (wait for it …) not be as important as you think or as many of the myriad ‘agency new business consultants’ would have you believe. Have you considered the possibility that it may actually just be (as one of my colleagues once told me making me laugh for longer than I probably should have) ‘wanky intellectual frippery’.

No One Gives a Damn About Your Proposition …

… and it’s probably bulls@%t anyway.

THAT is the feedback most CMOs would give you if they were honest. And it’s also the feedback the new business consultants would give you too if they were being truthful. But why is this?

It’s very simple really. Most of the agencies we speak with have this horrible habit of wanting to introduce themselves by pitching their proposition thus …

“We are Acme; the creative agency the blah blah blah blah bloody blah …” SO WHAT??

If you are a good salesperson you should be able to get a well qualified new business meeting or opportunity to pitch without having to tell the CMO the first thing about yourself. Many of my team have been able to do so without even mentioning the name of the agency, the services they provide or any of their clients.

Why You are NOT the Be All …

… and end all.

At the start of the buying process the typical CMO is looking for an agency that can can help them solve the business problem/s they are encountering. So concentrate on those.

For every sector you are approaching think of three typical problems they are very likely to have and build you introduction around those and NOT your agency, its clients or your proposition.

Use powerful emotional trigger words combined with the pain points you have identified to produce a ten second ‘pitch’ that you can use to start a conversation about the CMOs problems and then arrange (for yourself or someone else) to jump on a Zoom for thirty minutes with the client to flesh out the problems and discuss how you might be able to help the client solve them.

if the client starts asking you about your proposition it’s because you don’t know how to sell. If you don’t know how to sell. Learn. BTW, we don’t sell training courses so this isn’t a pitch for your business. But if you need help talk to Benjamin.

If you don’t want to learn how to be a great telephone sales person and you just want to hop on those thirty minute Zoom calls, then we CAN HELP. DOWNLOAD OUR ONE-PAGER.