Measure Success in PR


The MD of a PR firm told me this and he swears its a true story of how one client used to measure success in PR. They had been working for a client for six months on a project, at the end of which they went in to see the CEO of the firm with the Comms Director – they had a report and the press clippings etc.

As they started the presentation, the CEO stood up and said “I don’t need to know all this, does it pass the door test?” The PR firm looked a little confused. The Comms Director sighed, picked up the press clippings book and walked to the door.

She opened the door (which was a fire door) and used the press clippings book as a door stop.

The door stayed open.

The CEO said “Fine, retain them” and walked out.

Now, before laughing TOO loud and thinking what a ridiculous thing to do, answer this question. How do you measure the success of your new business agency or manager if you have an in-house resource?