About US

Experienced People Asking Smart Questions.
New Business Development

We love to do the thing our clients hate doing most and do it better than they ever imagined possible.

Our role as a new business agency is to unearth opportunities for our clients within the companies they want to work with and get them in front of the decision maker for their service .

The Manifest new business team are rightly recognised as the crème de la crème of agency new business lead generation and will tell your story with passion, eloquence and conviction

Our techniques are channel agnostic, disruptive and engaging. Our results astounding.

Our clients expect, and our team delivers, 100%.

  • Experienced

    The average tenure of an account director at Manifest is five years and several have been here more than ten.

  • Knowledgeable

    A pre-requisite for a job at Manifest is a background in either an agency or client side marketing department.

  • Persuasive

    The power of persuasion. The dark art of making another see things your way through the use of language.

  • Passionate

    You are passionate about your agency; we get it and you can be sure we will be as passionate as you are.

Our focus

We are a new business agency. We specialise in helping companies within the creative and marketing services industry win more new clients by arranging new business meetings for them with the decision makers for their service within the companies they want to work with.

The channels we use fall into three categories: Broadcast, Listening and Narrowcast.

Your PR, SEO, AdWords and social marketing, together with your reputation and networking, will drive prospects to your website. We would suggest using LeadFeeder or LeadForensics to track these website visitors. You may also want to undertake email campaigns to further drive inbound web traffic and we can help here with provision of data.


We will research the companies, brands and individuals we will be targeting for you using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, current affairs websites and news sources. Using this intelligence, we will tailor niche messages to each prospective new client to make every approach sound like the only one that matters to your agency.


What is the best and most appropriate channel to use to get your proposition and the niche message we have developed noticed by the prospect we are approaching? Some companies and marketing teams are best approached by email, others are more likely to warm to a personal telephone call and others a well written letter or social approach.


Things some of our lovely clients have said about or to us


Our thoughts on the agency new business landscape and some other insights that we hope you will find interesting.

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